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Shaft Tube, Sea Chest & Exhaust Trunk Coatings

Florida Yacht Through-hull Coating Services

Through-hull penetrations on a yacht experience a lot of wear and tear making them extremely susceptible to protective coating failure and corrosion. Through-hull coatings require constant inspection and coating maintenance to maintain the structural integrity of the underlying aluminum or steel substrate. The following vessel components fall into this category:

  • Sea Chests
  • Propeller Shaft Tubes
  • Rudder Shaft Tubes
  • Exhaust Trunks
  • Bypass Exhaust Pipes
  • Overboard Discharge Pipes

Coastal Tank is a Florida yacht maintenance company assisting with the proper high pressure steam cleaning required to remove salts, loose coating and corrosion to allow for inspection of these components. From there we can recommend the required prep and coating repairs as needed. As a certified applicator for Belzona products we are trained on both the correct product for each application as well as the proper handling, mixing and application. Ceramic filled epoxies, high temp ceramic coatings and 100% solid epoxies prove to be the best products for these areas.

Professional Florida Yacht Through-hull Coating

* See our Clean Coat Protect Maintain (CCPM) Program page to learn more about how we can help you stay one step ahead of your ABS or Lloyds Inspector on your next 5-year survey.