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Tank Cleaning

Florida Yacht Tank Cleaning Services

Coastal Tank is a Florida yacht maintenance company providing high pressure steam cleaning and inspection services for ALL TANKS onboard superyachts. The comprehensive list of tanks we clean on megayachts include:

  • Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Overflow Tanks
  • Day Tanks / Service Tanks
  • Aviation Fuel Tanks
  • Tender Fuel Tanks
  • Used Oil Tanks
  • Clean Oil tanks / Hydraulic Oil Tanks
  • Bilge Water Tanks / Oily Water Tanks
  • Sludge Tanks
  • Black Water Sewage Holding Tanks
  • Black Water Treatment Tanks including: MSD tanks, Hamann Tanks, Headhunter Tanks
  • Grey Water Holding Tanks
  • Galley Tanks / Grease Traps
  • Ballast Water Tanks
  • Fresh Water Tanks / Potable Water Tank Disinfection / Fresh Water Tank Sanitizing
  • Swimming Pool Tanks
  • Jacuzzi Tanks

Tank cleaning services are completed using our a powerful, state of the art 4,000 gallon vacuum tank truck with the ability to pump waste and wash water up to 1,000 feet away from where the truck is staged. Customers can be assured we can reach you no matter where your slip assignment is. The vacuum system utilized on the truck is an enclosed self lubricated system. This will ensure that no annoying smoke will be in the vicinity during pump outs or tank cleaning as experienced with older vacuum pumps that burn oil and exhaust smoke to stay cool. We utilize both truck mounted and mobile high pressure steam cleaning units depending on the job setup.

Call the Florida Yacht Tank Cleaning Professionals

Safety is our priority. All tank cleaning technicians only operate on filtered and monitored supplied breathing air and full face respirators that meet OSHA and NIOSH standards. Tank hole watch personnel are always utilized. Once the tanks have been thoroughly cleaned, we will inspect the condition of the protective epoxy tank coating / tank lining and note any deficiencies to the chief engineer or captain. At that time we can recommend and discuss any required epoxy coating repairs.

* See our Clean Coat Protect Maintain (CCPM) Program page to learn more about how we can help you stay one step ahead of your ABS or Lloyds Inspector on your next 5-year survey.