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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Florida Yacht Dryer Cleaning Services

Dryers are another piece of equipment on a yacht that gets continual use day in and day out. Lint filters do not effectively capture all debris from drying a load of clothes, towels or bedding. Overtime, lint builds up on the dryer vent exhaust duct interior. If not properly and regularly cleaned, this results in an inefficient or ineffective operation of the dryer. It also presents a potential fire hazard. We have seen buildup and blockages up to a 50% reduction in the volume of exhaust flow. Because of this it is recommended you maintain the cleanliness of your dryer by using an experienced Florida yacht dryer cleaning company.

Coastal Tank has the proper cleaning equipment to access and clean yacht dryer duct interiors. A cleaning certificate will be provided for vessel records which will allow you to keep track of when the service was completed last and also be on hand to show your Lloyds or ABS inspector what was and when it was completed. Once you are in our system, Coastal can also notify you when an inspection or service is due.

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Coastal only specializes in yacht duct cleaning. Beware of land-based companies who may be under-insured and not familiar with navigating their way through vessel duct systems.