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CCPM Program

Coastal Tank’s exclusive Clean-Coat-Protect-Maintain (CCPM) Program ensures you stay one step ahead of your ABS or Lloyds inspection by pre-scheduling required maintenance, providing detailed reports, maintaining a service log of completed services and providing service reminders when due.

Five Year Lloyds Inspections and Five Year ABS inspections require coordinated efforts on many fronts in order to service and inspect vessel systems safe for use and allow the yacht to be eligible for charter. Coastal Tank can assist in the coordination process by providing detailed quotes ahead of time, setting realistic schedules, provide task sequencing, pre-scheduling services and meeting commitment dates. Coastal Tank will ensure you do not get stuck scrambling to find a company to complete the required work at the last minute. The crew can rest easy knowing they have Coastal Tank scheduled to play an integral part of the next 5-year class inspection.

In the days leading up to and during a 5-year inspection, many different trades are required to be onboard completing their respective tasks. Coastal Tank can reduce the number of contractors onboard during this busy time by scheduling and completing certain tasks up to 6 months ahead of the class inspection. These tasks are documented with both photos and detailed process descriptions, and furnished to the vessel in a report. This report can be provided to the insurance inspector or marine surveyor and they can complete a quick spot check onsite if needed to satisfy that particular aspect of the survey. These items can include fuel tank cleaning, epoxy tank coating repairs and touchups, through-hull ceramic coatings and galley hood / dryer duct cleaning.

When a vessel joins our CCPM Program, detailed service logs are maintained. We have parameters set to remind our CCPM members when the next recommended service is due. We understand crews may change hands several times between inspections and getting access to details regarding previous work completed can be challenging at times to (new to the vessel) captains, chief engineers and chief stewardesses. Coastal Tank’s CCPM Program provides great value because it allows for cleaning and coating maintenance to be completed systematically rather than letting intervals get too long between service which can lead to increased cleaning and repair costs as well as delayed schedules.

Each Program Proposal will be customized to the vessel. Please contact us and we will be happy to sit down and review your schedule and requirements. Together we will develop a plan to allow you to take advantage of our many program benefits.