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Bilge Painting

Professional Florida Yacht Bilge Painting

Coastal Tank is a Florida yacht maintenance company offering bilge coating touchups or complete re-painting. Because of all the sensitive equipment located in bilges such as engine and generator rooms, care must be taken during the cleaning, prep and coating process. In the first stage all areas specified for coating will be thoroughly degreased and pressure cleaned where possible. Other areas not able to be pressure cleaned will be detail cleaned by hand. All areas will be vacuumed dry and inspected for remaining contaminants.

All areas not specified for paint will then be masked off and protected. Surface preparation will then include mechanical power tooling, air tooling and sanding to remove loose coating and corrosion. Good-adhering paint will be sanded and etched to ensure a good mechanical bond with the new coating.

A final cleaning and masking check is completed before application of epoxy bilge coatings. We use 100% solid epoxies on areas susceptible to corrosion as they provide superior protection. We also have the ability to spray apply polyurethanes, polysiloxanes and surface tolerant epoxy coatings depending on your application and desired finish.