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Mobile Pump Outs

Florida Yacht Pump Out Services

Coastal Tank is licensed, insured and certified by the USCG DOT, EPA and FLDEP and to pump, transport and dispose of various liquid waste streams from vessels. The company handles and disposes of oily bilge water, used oil, sludge, black water and grey water. Coastal Tank has a powerful, state of the art 4,000 gallon vacuum tank truck with the ability to pump waste up to 1,000 feet away from the location the truck is staged. You can be assured we can reach you no matter where your slip assignment is. The vacuum system utilized on the truck is an enclosed self lubricated system. This will ensure that no annoying smoke will be in the vicinity during pump outs or tank cleaning as experienced with older vacuum pumps that burn oil and exhaust smoke to stay cool.

Need a Florida Yacht Pump Out?

If your yacht is in need of a pump out to dispose of oily bilge water, used oil, sludge, black water and grey water call Florida yacht maintenance company Coastal Tank,  today at 954-562-8656.  We look forward to helping you with all your yacht maintenance needs.

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