Fort Lauderdale, FL 33026

Bilge Steam Cleaning

Professional Florida Yacht Bilge Cleaning Services

Using our powerful state of the art 4,000 gallon vacuum truck, we pump down and high pressure steam clean with degreaser injection all types of bilges including:

  • Engine Room Bilges
  • Generator Room Bilges
  • Lazarettes
  • Cofferdams
  • Forepeaks
  • Chainlockers

We have the ability to pump oily bilge water and wash water up to 1,000 feet away from the location where the truck is staged. Customers can be assured we can reach you no matter where your slip assignment is. The vacuum system utilized on the truck is an enclosed self lubricated system. This will ensure that no annoying smoke will be in the vicinity during pump outs or tank cleaning as experienced with older vacuum pumps that burn oil and exhaust smoke to stay cool.

Are You In Need of Florida Yacht Bilge Cleaning Services

Our Florida yacht maintenance company, utilizes both truck-mounted and mobile high pressure steam cleaning units, depending on the job setup. Everything from the deck plates down is pressure washed including deck plate frames, piping, hull plating engine blocks and other components able to withstand this type of cleaning. We utilize a variety of lances including flexible lances to get in all of those hard to reach areas. Care is taken to identify and avoid pressure cleaning any components not able withstand the high pressure. Delicate components and anything above the deck plates will be detail cleaned by hand or by low pressure wash downs.