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Epoxy Tank Coatings

Florida Yacht Epoxy Coating Professionals

Coastal Tank is a Florida yacht maintenance company offering protective epoxy coating / epoxy tank lining repairs. The typical coated tanks on a superyacht which require continual coating maintenance include:

  • Fresh Water Tanks / Potable Water Tanks
  • Black Water Sewage Holding Tanks
  • Black Water Treatment Tanks including: MSD tanks, Hamann Tanks, Headhunter Tanks
  • Grey Water Holding Tanks
  • Galley Tanks / Grease Traps
  • Ballast Water Tanks
  • Swimming Pool Tanks
  • Jacuzzi Tanks

Professional Florida Yacht Epoxy Coating Services

After a thorough tank cleaning, we will inspect the condition of the protective epoxy tank coating / tank lining and note any deficiencies to the chief engineer or captain. At that time we can recommend and discuss any required epoxy coating repairs. We stock Lloyds and ABS 100% solid epoxy tank coatings which work great for coating touchups and is compatible with most all OEM tank linings. We also have the flexibility to use any OEM product of your choice.