If your yacht has main engine or generator dry exhaust stacks, the chances are your crew spends time cleaning soot contamination from the upper sun decks. Generators work hard, often with continuous operation. The exhaust piping is susceptible to soot and carbon buildup which overtime becomes too much for the exhaust system to contain and ends up leaving soot deposits on finished areas. Coastal Tank can remediate the problem by working with the engineering crew or exhaust mechanic of choice to break open sections of piping. We utilize custom rotary spin-jet nozzles with our high pressure steam cleaner to thoroughly clean all deposits from the interior of the exhaust piping. All wash water is contained and continually evacuated from the vessel to our vacuum tank truck during the cleaning process. This ensures the working areas are kept clean. If a dry cleaning method is preferred, we also utilize carbide rotary stack brushes under negative air ventilation for that application.

By completing routine cleaning, the burden on the vessel’s crew is minimized and often completely eliminated by not having to constantly battle soot deposits on the upper decks.

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